Featured Projects


Layered Restaurant & Bakery


Root Engineering Services is happy to see the opening of the new bakery, restaurant, and coffee shop called Layered in downtown McKinney.

This remodel project entailed the conversion of an existing space to a fully functional bakery. One of the main design challenges was applying existing mechanical systems to an newly fitted restaurant space. Through the use of effective site visits and calculation, Root Engineering Services was able to design a cost-effective mechanical, electrical and plumbing system to service the vibrant and popular new bakery.

In the end the project construction documents were delivered within the owners requirements. Layered was completed in partnership with Architect Kent Spurgin of Spurgin and Associates. Root Engineering is excited to see the family owned bakery be a success and wishes that success continues for years to come!

Libertyville Village Hall


Root Engineering was excited to be contacted by the Village of Libertyville about how we could help occupants of Village Hall! The building was being insufficiently heated and cooled by a VAV split system, leading to both uncomfortable winter and summer months. The previous HVAC overhaul was in 1993!

The first step we took was to define the problem! We determined the building slab insulation from the original construction was very poor and that heating elements in the terminal units were not functioning.  The existing system was also old and utilized an older refrigerant (R-22) which needed to be recharged two to three times a summer according to the village.  The controls for the system were also outdated and not functioning coherently with the stand-alone controller. We decided on an updated, user friendly control interface via the internet. This control also allows for precise outdoor air control based on carbon dioxide levels in the building; further increasing building efficiency.

 Root engineering decided to solve the HVAC issues with a new condensing unit, new controls, new electric baseboard heat, new terminal units, and new air devices.  One of the difficulties we were faced with on this project was the extremely tight clearances in the attic around the air handler, replacement  would require a break down of a new factory unit to get it into the attic.  In the end the decision was made to proceed with a new air handling unit.  The mechanical contractor on the project, Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric, performed excellent work and successfully squeezed the new air handling unit into the tight space!

 The results have been as expected based on the positive feedback from our client.  They have reported no complaints of experiencing cold in the winter months! 

First Baptist Church at the Fields

Root Engineering Services was excited to serve First Baptist Church (FBC) at the Fields once again during their ambitious expansion. We worked alongside the Wright Group of Carrollton, TX; the same architects they partnered with for the church’s first phase of construction on this property, back in 2014 - 2015.

Located at the intersection of Sam Rayburn Tollway and Carrollton Parkway in Carrollton, TX; FBC has seized this opportunity to create a beautiful, spacious facility expansion and renovation at their new location, complete with a new multi-purposed / worship space, modular education buildings, increased parking, and additional classroom restrooms. This picturesque spot houses FBC’s expanding secondary campus, their current primary worship center at Josey Lane is being renovated to house Responsive Education Solutions (another project Root Engineering Services is proud to design alongside the Wright Group)

In order to facilitate this myriad of improvements and new construction, we worked closely with the Wright Group on this project in several phases. During the challenging production schedule, it was important to be as efficient as possible, both in time and cost. Being the MEP designers for the original building afforded us the ability to reference and match the design choices made in the existing space, in order to both minimize design time and make the new expansion appear as seamless as possible.

1800 Lakeway Lewisville, TX

Deja Brew

Root Engineering Services is happy to see the opening of the new student run coffee shop called Deja Brew in the iSchool High Lewisville Entrepreneurial Academy.

This remodel project entailed the conversion of an existing lobby area to a fully functional coffee shop. One of the main design challenges was assessing the available utilities and systems without the use of existing drawings. Through the use of effective site visits and observation, Root Engineering Services was able to come up with a workable mechanical, electrical and plumbing design to service the coffee shop equipment.

In the end, the project construction documents were delivered on time and within the owners requirements. Deja Brew Coffee Shop was completed in partnership with Architect Marlen Zuniga of Wright Group Architects. Root Engineering is excited to see the Student-run coffee shop be a success and wishes that success continues for years to come!

1903 Stone Myers Parkway Grapevine, Texas, 75019

Equipment Preference Inc. Showroom

Root Engineering Services is pleased to see the recent completion of the construction documents regarding the mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs for EPI showroom.

This finish-out project entailed a showroom to which EPI, a kitchen equipment representative, would use as a space to display their kitchen equipment. One of the challenges encountered during this project was the owners request to have the flexibility to convert the storage space into a possible office in the future. Root Engineering services achieved this flexibility through a cleverly designed HVAC system serving the storage space. By meticulous sizing of the equipment and strategically designing the duct work layouts, RES was able to meet the owners’ expectations.

In the end, the construction documents for the project were delivered on time and complete with respect to the owners’ design parameters. EPI Showroom was completed in partnership with Architect Tom Hutch of TPH consultants, PLLC. Root Engineering is excited to see the project entering the construction phase and ultimately being completed for the owner’s intended use.

300 W. Main St. Denison, TX 75020

Denison City Hall

Root Engineering Services is pleased see the recent completion of Denison City Hall.

The renovation encompassed the conversion of a former bank center to the new city hall for the town of Denison. Root Engineering Services designed and assisted in the renovation of the HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing design for the facility. Project manager Eric Tien EIT enjoyed the many challenges this project has presented.

One of the main design challenges that Eric encountered was the request to re-use as much of the existing system as possible. The bank boasted a dual deck HVAC system that was retrofitted into a dual duct VAV system to better suit today’s use.

Denison City Hall was completed in partnership with Architect Project manager Kent Salisbury of David Baca Studios out of Sherman, Texas. Root Engineering Services is proud of the outcome of Denison City hall and looks forward to many more renovations!

4401 N Interstate Hwy 35 #2005, Round Rock, TX 78665

Red’s Porch

Root Engineering Services was excited recently to work with Service Commercial Construction of Sherman, TX and FAB Architecture of Austin, TX to expand Red’s Porch to Round Rock.

Located just off of I-35 and south of the Round Rock Premium Outlets, this project transformed a closed restaurant into this “Half-Cajun, Half Tex-Mex, Half Southern” chain’s distinctive welcoming style.

Our particular challenge in this renovation was to recycle as much of the building’s infrastructure as possible, in order to reduce costs. This was the case, especially in the restrooms and kitchens while also incorporating the unique flair of Red’s Porch’s own particular style. This is best exemplified in the eponymous outdoor covered eating area, equipped with new fans and heating without enlarging the existing electrical or gas service.

5036 Reba Dr. Denison, TX 75020

Reba’s Ranch House

Root Engineering Services is proud to partner with Piazza Construction of Denison and HKS Architects of Dallas to expand the meeting space of Reba’s Ranch House.

Located at US 75 and Grayson Drive in Denison TX, this outreach of the Texoma Health Foundation (THF) provides support and a place to stay for caregivers and family of traveling hospital patients. This charitable endeavor requires significant planning and behind-the-scenes effort. Our scope was to provide the MEP design for a new meeting room and hospitality expansion to the existing office space.

With charitable organizations such as Reba’s Ranch House, much of their funding comes through donations. This extends to construction costs and materials. This can present a challenge as various fixtures or design decisions are determined or altered by donors’ preferences, often significantly into the construction timeline. Root Engineering Services was happy to work with the architects, contractors and staff to accommodate these design changes in order to keep the project utilizing its resources most efficiently. One such example is the expanded site lighting using donated lamps!

4181 HWY 259 N Longview, TX 75605

Peters Autosports’s

Root Engineering Services is thrilled to have been chosen to work alongside Potter Architects of Longview on the new Tyler location for Peters Elite Autosport’s.

At the intersection of Frankston Highway and Grande Boulevard in Tyler, TX, Peters Elite Autosport’s will offer unique vehicle customization tailored to each customer. Like the trucks Peters is known for, the team under architect Kyle Whitehurst has developed a design to transform two adjacent building shells into a state-of-the-art show space specially equipped for eye-catching vehicle display. This new facility will include two spacious showrooms, a breezeway-type courtyard and other outdoor truck display areas, and a design theater carefully arranged for vehicle presentation.

To implement the artistic vision of the owners, Peters Elite Autosport’s requires ambitious theatrical-type lighting, video, and sound throughout the facility, even extending to the exterior display areas. These elements require painstaking coordination across multiple disciplines, especially including Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. Accommodating communication and physical installation between a myriad of brands and device types proved a challenge. But it was one we were happy to work through with the much-appreciated assistance of our fellow design team, particularly Kip Kendrick of Technology Design Fusion, Jim Morrow of ALA TX lighting, and Jason Foster of Horton Controls.

201 Newport Dr. Van Alstyne, TX 75495

Sandford Elementary

Sandford Elementary is a brand new, two-story school that was recently completed in Van Alstyne, TX. Root Engineering Services was very excited to have the opportunity to work on a project that directly benefited the local community!

This project was an exciting and challenging build with the gymnasium doubling as a storm shelter and a performing stage being located in the cafeteria. A tight construction schedule and the coordination with the developer and utilities added to the challenge of this project. With great efforts by RES and the entire team, Sandford Elementary was finished and ready for students to start school for the 2018-2019 school year!

A big thanks to the great team that worked on this project including Wright Group Architects out of Carrollton TX, Gallagher Construction services out of Richardson TX and photographers Scott Hales and Wade Griffith and the fantastic engineers at RES.

The Colony, TX

The Colony Fire Station

The Colony Fire Station #4 is currently undergoing intense review by the city planning department, prior to its intended construction on the corner of Plano Parkway and Destination Drive. Located near the Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony, the facility is to provide emergency services for the expected growth in residential and commercial infrastructure within that district.

Spearheaded by architect Kent Spurgin of Spurgin & Associates Architects, the project was designed in close coordination with the fire department and other vital members of the emergency services department for The Colony. For the MEP team, it was important to ensure the inclusion of home comforts such as temperature control in the sleeping quarters.

Dallas, TX

Kappa Alpha Theta - Sorority House

Throwback! The Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority House at Southern Methodist University (SMU) was completed in mid-2017. Homer Guilliams of Fusch Architects led the design team for this 3 story plus basement living center.

The mechanical and plumbing designs were held to a very strict schedule due to a behind-the-ball start. This late start was attributed to a previous engineering firm failing to come up with a design that would stay on budget.

Playing catch-up at the start of a new project wasn’t ideal and definitely added challenging aspects to the project design. However, through great coordination and perseverance between project members, this project remains a proud accomplishment of RES and everyone involved.

949 Kerper Blvd. Dubuque, IA 52001

Jule Operations and Training Center

The Jule is a mass-transit operator within the city of Dubuque, Iowa. Replacing a previous city building, this location needed facilities to handle light-maintenance, be able to store city buses, and provide administrative and training spaces for their staff. Root Engineering Services handled all of the electrical system design and proudly partnered with Kueny Architects and Planners out of Pleasant Prairie, WI.

By using all LED lighting with occupancy sensing and light harvesting in most applications, Root Engineering was able to take best advantage of the natural light configured by the architects. However, determining the best approach in utilizing the natural light configurations posed a challenge for this project. This was due to making sure each space was properly lit while at the same time trying to lower energy consumption and finding the right balance between the two.

By participating in the Commercial New Construction Program, the city of Dubuque Jule Operations and Training Center was selected out of 98 other projects recognizing outstanding efforts in reducing energy usage. As a recipient of the 2018 Excellence in Energy-Efficient Design Award, this project is regarded as a great accomplishment by the team at Root Engineering Services. Thanks to outstanding engineering and design methods, Root Engineering Services was able to achieve 49% kBTU savings for this project!

2116 S. Michigan Chicago, IL 60616

Team Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Team Rehabilitation Physical Therapy is a recently completed finish-out project located in downtown Chicago, right off of S. Michigan Avenue. Root Engineering Services (RES) proudly partnered with architect Tim Bennett for this project.

RES handled all aspects of the MEP design work including duct work, lighting scheme, and water and waste management systems. Challenges that were associated with this project were evaluating the existing MEP systems and conforming them to Chicago’s specific codes and standards. Through diligence and experienced engineers at RES, the project was was brought to completion on time.

Since RES has an office in Illinois, it is rewarding to work on projects that help out local areas and be able to directly see the impact the project has made! RES is looking forward to future challenges in communities all over the country!

7101 53rd St Kenosha, WI 53144

Callahan YMCA building

Root Engineering Services was proud to partner with John Schmidbauer, PE of Kueny Architects and Planners out of Pleasant Prairie, WI with the mechanical upgrades of the Callahan YMCA building. Located in Kenosha WI, this YMCA building was originally built in 2003 but the history of YMCA within the Kenosha community has deep roots dating back to the 1920’s!

Root Engineering Services was responsible for the M.E.P. system design/consulting and replacement of an energy recovery rooftop air handling unit. The replacement unit serves a natatorium, which is a demanding environment for HVAC equipment. The preexisting structure of the building created challenges in terms of the design of the mechanical systems.

Through ingenuity and professional experience, engineers over at Root Engineering Services came up with effective solutions to overcome these design challenges and delivered quality work on time. What really made this project special for Root Engineering Services was to have the opportunity to be a part of the rich YMCA heritage that is in Kenosha and be chosen to help further grow that culture!